First Commute to Work

Oh my God! I finally made it to work today, my first commute ride. Never imagined it could be so difficult. So many turns, so many inclines on the roads that I never knew existed happily driving in a smooth petrol Skoda RS, so much of bullying traffic, so much of heat in winter at 9:45 AM, so many different (new) routes en route I never knew were possible, so many points when my brakes were not very effective and I was scared of hitting the vehicle in front, so many places where a disciplined and traffic obedient person like me could flout traffic rules (for at some places it is better for a cyclist to go against the traffic, so many places it is easier to just lift up the bike to cross over road instead of taking a long ‘U’ turn).

Whatever! I am completely exhausted with this just 6 km ride, although I could manage 30 km ride couple of times earlier before stepping on to commute. As I stepped into the rest room I was ‘shocked’ to find my oft shaved head and face drenched in sweat when I looked into the mirror. Knowingly I had to done some wrong things:

1. Take a complete south Indian rice based full meal before stepping out on my bike (breakfast is my only full meal for the day – can’t skip it or advance the time anymore).
2. Start off when Sun is fully up at 9:45 AM (can’t complete breakfast before that). I realize biking is not the same thing between riding on a beautiful express way versus office roads, and neither does 9:45 AM offer a good weather when compared to the 5 AM rides that I did earlier.
3. Carried my nice little shoulder laptop bag that I love so much to carry my laptop. It keeps popping to wrong side and never stays on my back. As I try to reposition it, I would almost lose my balance on bike. I realized my backpack would have been more tidier option to carry laptop.
4. The bag of bananas that I carried for my dinner at work (I have it around 5:30 PM so can’t go home to eat!) was placed in the bottle holder and they were happily crushed thrown from one side to the other.

Several times I felt I am not going to ride from tomorrow, until I build up my stamina, going over inclined roads. And now back at office, with air conditioning making its impact half an hour after I reached, I am in two minds . . . . should I or should I not (ride to work tomorrow) :) ?

Mallik Kovuri

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