Got a leash for Nero

We got the leash for the puppy last night. While it looks neat, when I realized it is not really so neat working with a puppy on leash. My first experience hasn’t been a pleasant one I should say.

First, the puppy tried its level best to get rid of it. It quickly realized it is a hindrance to freedom of movement. Yep, in a country that fought for hundred years for freedom, it is something very important even for a puppy! Then the puppy resisted going out of the complex. It does not believe the world outside could be all that exciting, more than the world it has seen itself, all its life; I mean all its 3 months of life!

I tried to encourage, force, convince it, it ain’t so bad. Nope. It wouldn’t budge. I realized after a while, probably it is getting scared or annoyed of all the noise outside (of passing vehicles and the honking). So on my second pass, I held it up on my lap and settled down, so it will settle down to the inevitable traffic of the city. I sat for few minutes next to the road, only hoping my next endeavor with it, to the road, will be a better one!

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