Man! Even dogs need AC

At first I couldn’t believe it when Sisir, my son mentioned in the other car that the dog seems to be making complaints in the rear seat because there was no AC. I shifted Nero, my puppy to front seat and it stopped wining. I didn’t believe that it was really because of AC. I switched off the AC but kept the fan on. And it started whining again. I still did not believe and switched between AC and just fan mode. Every time I switched off the air conditioner, it would wine.

And after it got used to car travel a few times on short durations, we went to Ananthagiri Hills some 80 kms away. And shockingly, after I shifted the AC vent to leg mode, Nero aligned itself so its face will have most cool air, it slept all the way down to Ananthagiri Hills and back home. Man! even dogs need AC these days!

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