PURPOSE –  I intend to describe below how an extended string theory amalgamates into the spiritual concept of Cosmic Energy.

DATA SOURCES – Physics books I read during my college days, spiritual listening, magazines & books, and self realization during my meditation sessions.

STRING THEORY – String theory in Physics has long since been established. There was a time when people thought the smallest form of matter was a molecule. Then they realized, the atom was still smaller. It was later concluded that actually an atom consists of electrons, and a nucleus consisting of neutrons and protons. Electrons were computed as the smallest form. Their size and weight were so small, that values could be considered nearly non-existent with too small values. These are negatively charged particles that constantly revolve around the nucleus just as the planets in a solar system around the Sun.

There was a theory later on promulgated which concluded that in fact all matter including the electrons, protons and neutrons were made of many tiny strings. These are nothing but vibrating forms of energy. Further research further concluded that strings themselves were made of several still tiny strands all of them twisted and entwined to make the main string. The string theory concludes that all matter’ is made of strings of energy which are constantly vibrating. So when seen at an infinitesimally small level, all matter is composed of nothing other than energy. Some of us may even recollect that ancient theories in astronomy indicated that all of ‘space’ in universe consists of a medium called ‘ether’. It is this ether that allows light (a form of energy) to pass through space. In yogic science, space or ether is one of the five elements that makes universe or any matter. This space in yogic terms is referred to as Akasam.

WHAT DOES THIS INTERPRET INTO? This means, all that we see, is nothing but energy and space. So when you see an object such as a chair, infinitesimally this is actually nothing but energy (and some space). We all know that solids have compactly packed molecules with less empty space between them and gases are the most loosely packed with most space between them (liquids falling in between). So when you see a chair for example, you are actually seeing a multitude of vibrating strings of energy with some space (ether) between them, and when you see a vapor, you are seeing vibrating strings of energy with more space between them. Our mind, which is seeing these vibrating strings of a certain pattern and space between them, interprets them as an object. Depending on how our mind ‘sees’ the object (we will discuss what this ‘seeing’ is about later), it identifies the object as a chair, or table or a car. Let us remember once again though, that all bodies are actually made up of vibrating strings of energy; including our own body.

RESONANCE – It is a common theory in the science of sound, when sound is created with the vibration of an object, and another object of matching frequency is brought near the first object, the latter also starts vibrating. This is called resonance. Resonance happens only when the second object has a frequency that matches with the frequency of the former and further, when the latter object is brought within a certain vicinity. All objects resonate. It is just that each will need to be brought within a certain vicinity (which of course varies) and to an object of similar frequency and is already vibrating.

DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM – A children’s top that is rotating at high speed is well balanced on its pointed edge than one that is not rotating. In the physics of motion, it is an established theory that a body which is vibrating at a high speed is at equilibrium when compared to one that is not. This body due to its high vibration, is capable of ‘absorbing a shock (force) when compared to the one that is not vibrating. This concept is called dynamic equilibrium. Objects which are vibrating at very high speeds are little impacted when brought in contact with objects vibrating at lesser speeds. Although not exactly akin, I am reminded of a comment made by grandmother long ago. I exclaimed after dropping a bottle full of oil, that the bottle did not break and I was lucky. My grandmother asked me if the bottle was full, and said, full bottles  don’t break easily!


UNIVERSE IS NOTHING BUT ENERGY AND SPACE – When we see an object, the object is actually consisting of vibrating strings of energy, hanging in space. Our own mind and body is consisting of vibrating strings of energy. When we see the object, there is a variation in the vibration of strings in our body. Due to an effect on its change, it interprets and conveys us an ‘image’ of the object in the shape of an object which is trillions of times larger than vibrating strings. So when we see the image, we actually ‘form’ the image of the object in a way we can comprehend it. There is no doubt that what we see and hear is actually an interpretation by mind. We see only three dimensions in the universe, while many people who were dead and came to life claim that there are many dimensions than three. They cannot explain how they are to us for we cannot comprehend. Elephants hear and communicate in sounds that very low frequencies from kilometers away distance, while human beings cannot hear them. We do not have vibrations that match that frequency. Seeing thus appears to be only a matter of interpretation of mind.

OKAY, SO WHAT ABOUT TOUCH? When we touch an object, we get a ‘feel’ of touch. If the object were all tiny vibrating strings of energy, with no mass at all (as we conventionally call and understand), why do we get the feel of touch? To understand this, we need to understand how magnetism works. As we all know, magnetism itself is another form of energy. When we bring together like poles (North North for example), they repel each other. Keep a powerful magnet stationary. Bring together another magnet with similar polarity. The repel can be ‘felt’ in our fingers – the  backward push! One cannot make like poles of magnets stick together. When we take our fingers closer to a solid object (or gaseous for that matter), probably there is a force that repels so strongly, that we ‘feel’, and ‘call’ that as matter. What I cannot explain too well is, why we don’t ‘feel’ the repel from a distance. Why is it felt only when we ‘touch’ the matter? My attempt towards explaining this is, there are various forms of energy. We might not have understood the nature of all of them. For example the ‘feel’ of heat, sound, light are all different although they all represent energy. When we take our fingers near a live wire which is passing electric current through, we don’t feel it. We feel it, as shock, only we actually bring our fingers too close and ‘touch’ it. Probably the feel that we get when we touch an object is probably similar and we call that matter when the feel is similar (such as ‘shock’ above).

To put it in plain terms, all we see is nothing but vibrating strings of energy in space. We ‘interpret’ them in our mind through signals received and processed in brain, as objects of matter. A chair is nothing but certain trillions of vibrating energy strings in a particular order closely bound together. A table is a similar consolidation but in a different order, thus giving it the shape of a table as against the shape of a chair, although material is same (wood for example).

POWER OF A GURU – A GURU is someone who has practised severely and as a result, has a powerful energy in him. That is why we see an aura of a Guru significantly larger than the aura of a normal person. It is well established scientifically, including with photographed pictures, that not all persons have same aura (although every one of us possess some). Not only the size even the color of aura of Guru is at variance when compared to that of a normal person, indicating a higher level of energy. This is due to the Guru possessing strings of energy vibrating at a significantly higher speed when compared to a normal human being. Their penance increases certain of their energies, thus making the strings vibrate much harder.

When we go to a Guru, due to a resonance (just like sound resonance), he will be able to influence our own vibrations. He could make them for example, vibrate harder, thereby bringing a dynamic equilibrium to us, a.k.a peace to our mind.

Look at it also in a different way. When we go to a Guru, and seek his blessings, either remotely or by touch, he may be able to influence in the way ‘a certain’ of our strings of energy, that makes as think differently and find new approaches to our problems (including affecting our health by changing certain vibrations).

Appreciate however, that this concept of Guru providing solutions to his disciples is dependent on resonance (just like sound). For one person, a particular Guru might be perfect. For another, the same Guru will be totally opposite and may actually work detrimental. You need to pick your GURU very carefully who can work for you! This is very similar to the case of, when my son puts on rock music, I just can’t bear it, however low is the volume. It is not just the volume, the tune and sounds kill me. I cannot for a moment bear the sound. Ditto in the case when I put on Carnatic music. My children cannot  bear at all and instantaneously request me to shut if off. It just does not ‘resonate’ with this combination. No wonder people have different tastes for music.

WHY DO WE FEEL PEACEFUL AT TEMPLES? – It is commonly believed and experienced by many that their problems are solved when they visit a temple and pray. Most people find themselves at peace when they are in a temple. Why is it so? Just as people, objects are different. Strings vibration is not same in all people. Similarly, strings vibrate at different speeds from object to object. Some rocks may have strings that vibrate at significantly high speeds. When you sculpture these rocks into idols and place them temples, obviously they will have capability to influence the string vibrations in our body and mind due to resonance, as explained earlier. The impact of this resonance could vary from person to person, and time to time (considering our body condition at that time). This change in string vibrations in our body and mind, could cause results from as simple as giving us peace of mind temporarily to healing our diseases or encouraging us to think differently that may provide solutions to our problems.

Since how much we receive and how much we benefit is a factor of whether our own frequency of string vibrations matches with the frequency of string vibrations in the sculpture, we all benefit differently from temple to temple. For some Srisailam works best, for some Tirupathi works best, and for some Puri Jagannath may work best. In fact, some people are actually able to feel vibrations when they are in a temple (at least at particular spots of temple). I for myself have this feeling when I go to a particular temple near my home and stay up at a particular spot. A friend of mine had free access to any area including the sanctum sanatorium in Tirupathi temple when he was doing a management consulting assignment, He used to mention that it is impossible to stand for a long time before the main lord. He used to say the power is just too overwhelming, He says we should watch the lord only from a distance. Then how do priests manage? Don’t know. May be their strings may have got tuned over a period of time, to be able to ‘withstand’ (not necessarily powerful than others) to the vibrations of the of main deity.

POWER OF INFLUENCE VARIES – the power exercised by a temple is a direct factor of how strongly the strings are vibrating in the main idol. A lord Venkateswara temple in our colony may be able to provide respite to some  hundreds of people, while the lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupathi will influence millions of people. The temple structure itself may further influence to enhance the vibrations of the strings in the idol; again due to resonance factor. Probably that is why idols are kept in temples to benefit many (in addition to the benefit of convenience of course).

This is true with respect to Gurus also. One Guru more may be able manage and benefit thousands or even millions of people, while the rest are able to influence and benefit only a hand full of disciples.

GROUP BENEFIT – Some Gurus say the effect of meditation is higher when done in a group. This is because, here you have a multitude of bodies that have strings trying to vibrate at similar frequency. The effect is mutual. And if this is true, then it must be true for temples as well. Temples which are visited by more people become more powerful over a period of time.

AHAM BRAMHASMI – What we found in the solar system that we knew so far is the same as what we found so far in an atom.  While planets revolve around the sun in the solar system, scientists observed that electrons revolved around nucleus in an atom. It is already understood that in space, there are many solar systems in the galaxy, and there are many galaxies in the universe. It is a known thing that planets and asteroids keep hitting each other and create huge amounts of energy. The energy created is emitted as heat and light (only energy forms that we know). We now know that matter can be converted into energy (when nucleus is broken up, it becomes a nuclear bomb). When we eat and process what we ate, it gets converted into energy that is used up for ‘work’. The solar system is replicated in the atom. What happens in space is replicated in cell structure and human body. Our forefathers have long mentioned it in the saying, “Brahmandmaiva Pindandam” (Cell is a replica of  universe). There is no difference between universe and human cell.

If matter can be converted into energy (in fact this keeps happening all the time within human cell as food gets converted into energy by the mytocandria in a cell and in universe when planets and astroids keep hitting one another and generate energy). Nothing ever gets destructed in the universe. There is only a conversion from one to another. Plants are eaten by animals, and animals are eaten by other animals. Their excreta is eaten by plants are manure. It is a cycle. Energy created may also be getting converted into matter. Solar energy for example is used by plants. So matter is nothing but energy, as proposed by the string theory. Energy is in the form of vibrating strings. Energy is all pervasive. It is in you, me, matter, and in the cosmic system. If it is so, then that is God, for God is all pervasive. AHAM BRAMHASMI!


  1. Hey Mallik, very good article. I have experienced immense vibrations in the house of my Reiki Guru ..S.C Jain Sir . I was not aware of the strings theory….that’s a good way to explain the reason behind such experiences.


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