How do people get so much time at work?

How do people get so much time at office? Are they more energetic than me? I sincerely do not believe I am getting old. I mean being old to that degree. Do consulting people get less to do at Work than managers? Do junior employees do well getting away from their work? I am sure it will be in fact, if it isn’t already. The employees’ manager would appreciate them. Do these people stretch their work hour? But I do too. And in an immense way! Are these people much more efficient in completion of their tasks than I am at mine? But when I read out my work processing stats aka ‘reading and responding mail’, I was told my speed is high. And some commented I was good at multi-tasking, which I never believed I was capable of.

I mean what ‘is’ in these girls that they can paint such beautiful Rangoli at office? Man!

Not sure if it really is important to answer that question. Or any of those I posed prior to that. But yes, I guess I need to realize office can be fun. Or can be made fun. Or can be made a fun place to see the least!

Need to try. Pchhhh! Me not there yet! 😦

6 thoughts on “How do people get so much time at work?

  1. Mallik : Thanks for initiating this discussion,

    Here’s my thoughts.

    (Stress) is directly proportional to (Responsibilities at work ).

    (Elevation in Role) is directly proportional to (Responsibilities).

    We can deduce
    (Elevation in Role) is directly proportional to (Stress)

    (Time) is inversely proportional to (Responsibilities at work)

    (Time) is inversely proportional to (Elevation in Role)

    Hence, when a person trasitions gradually from a Developer to DPE over a period of time, There will be an increase in amount of stress, responsibilities and often falls short of time.
    In a recent interview by TCS CFO, who has won the CNBC 18 award for being the best CFO of the Year, said that his secret to success was forming a great Team around him, where he can delegate the incoming tasks and need not bother of being accomplished as they would be taken care by his Team, so that he can find time to find new oppurtunties of growth.


    1. I agree. But that’s the hard part. When one ‘other’ thing fell upon me today, I was just thinking, ‘it’s not easy to make it work’. My subordinates are not up to the mark they are expected of. So I can’t delegate and ignore that part. I am not up to the mark for my own role. So my boss cannot give me something and forget about. I am pretty sure, this line of status continues above. So the secret is not so much about being able to delegate or even making your delegates stronger (more easily said than done – I have been trying for 30 years now). The secret actually is finding smart people and bringing them in. In other words, identifying talent is the real talent of real leaders. That’s what entrepreneurs do in India. They don’t know anything themselves. But they know who know! 🙂


  2. Well mallik, u have touched on a topic i have been trying to seek answer for years now, “Rangoli” is one of the examples, But the one possible answer i can think of is “It all depends on the project and your role / responsibilities”, when i was a fresher i was leading the “Fun at Work” initiative in my previous company, my friends used to ask me “How do u find time for these things” but now i know it was possible because i did not have to worry about following
    How the code gets delivered in time
    I was not the one facing the client
    I was a fresher so the fear of failure barely existed
    I did not have to worry how to pay the Loans — 🙂
    In short, “i was fresh and i was free”
    But that changes with time
    Now to some extent it depends on the project as well because in few projects there are too many people but work is a bit less (Kudos to client for affording overbilling)
    And now i will stop else you would wonder..How do i get so much time to type all this…


  3. Hello Sir,
    I was wondering, under which task they are going to clock their ILC for the hours spent on Rangoli.
    Its really beautiful. Its one way of exhibiting our culture.
    Pavan Poruri


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