Are police checkings only deterrents?

I often wonder if security checking ever is meant to be only a deterrent. Is it that if someone wanted to break it, they could do so anyway? And is that how we so often see terrorist activities all over the world despite the security measures?

I wanted to do some street photography today, and thought I would do some on the topic of police security for the Conference of Parties (CoP-11), the one meant for environment protection and the meeting of dignitaries from all over the world – over 190+ countries participating. I noticed there were police personnel all over, and particularly at all intersections leading to the venue, HICC at Novotel Hotel, Kondapur. As I was shooting, I was amazed to observe there was one road intersection leading to the place, not covered by security. See following pictures and you will find one!

Incidentally, I was questioned by police on my motives behind shooting pictures.


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