CoP-11 is here but road repairs are not out yet

The State Government in Andhra Pradesh has created enough inconvenience to commuters of Hyderabad, thanks to the so called beautification of the city. They dug up trenches next to roads in the name of road widening. They cut full blown environment friendly trees mercilessly so they could make the city appear cleaner for this ‘environment safeguarding united nations conference’. They expanded the road dividers so trees can be planted as support to the environment cause, and tried their best by watering them with  umpteen gallons ‘two days’ before the meeting, in the hope that more water could mean rapid growth!

And this is what the guests from 190+ countries and citizens of the city get when the conference starts. Mud all over, rock and waste by the road, stop-n-go traffic all day, trenches partially filled with concrete, ditches on the road worse than before, incomplete re-carpeting of road, road dividers with vegetation that are neither blossoming plants nor beautiful palm trees. Many shops and establishments have difficulty in letting their customer cars come into their drive-way, let alone have parking space. Obviously, the beautification project did not have a Project Plan. In the end, all we have is mess!

If there is a silver line, that is the construction is still on!!


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