Hmm…..the dilemma of temptation vs rationale

Again! One more occasion for the dilemma!! To buy or not.

Not sure how I came into this whole thing. But i started reading reviews, specs and video shoots on You Tube about the new model from Royal Enfield, the Continental GT. The more i read and saw, the more I got pulled into. This bike belongs to a category called  Cafe Racer. In the nineteen sixties, i understand there was this phenomena. Group of youngsters who spend some time at a cafe (drinking coffee or beer, whatever) decide to go to another somewhat far away cafe. And they would race to the place. The phenomena quickly caught up and soon there were bike manufacturers fine tuning or producing bikes to particularly suit this kind of sport. These are bike races not rode at race courses on finely made tarmac roads with no traffic. These are the same roads that are used by regular traffic; be it bikes or cars, or even bicycles. These are roads that have turns. These are the same roads which may occasionally have a rough patch, and if we are not lucky, even an odd pothole. So this was something that was designed for urban youth who want to have some fun. Plain and simple!

Royal Enfield seem to have perfected this with Continental GT model with 259cc engine at that time. Now our own Indian Royal Enfield from India reintroduced this with a 535cc engine, much bigger than the original with latest developments included. The more I learned of this bike, the more I became interested.

So I took a test ride last week and borrowed it for one full day (actually more) to have a LONG ride. Into my fifties, I don’t know how I become interested in racing (or let’s say semi-racing) bikes. And why motorbikes in the first place? Anyways! I took it for a spin today for about 120 kms and drove significant parts at around 100 kmph (some at 120 kmph). What can I say! It was a thoroughly exhilarating experience.

Riding a motorcycle at north of 100 kmph on highways, with breeze pulling away the sweat on me even if it was hot mid afternoon was something I cannot explain in words. Fun of riding a motorbike has its own place and I do not think cars can give a comparable exhilarating experience.

I have no intent of making this article a review of the bike. All I can say is it was awesome. It is an experience I am sure will exponentially increase after getting used to motor biking (I haven’t ridden much in last one and half decades). Despite that I am still unable to justify the purchase with a price tag of over ₹ 2 lakhs. I have the money to spare. But do not have justification except that when I have the desire and capacity, and physical fitness to manage a 185 kg bike, but don’t get one now, then I may never be able do this few years from now!

And so the dilemma. I do not need this now, really. But yes, want to have that fun again. And one more time. And one more. And many more times! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hmm…..the dilemma of temptation vs rationale

  1. Hi Mallik,
    Sir, when it come to bikes it’s the temptations takes over rationale. As you rightly mentioned “the cult” of biking is ever green. If you enjoy riding the BULLET, bigger and meaner is gives the thrill on road for sure. One observation I had is issue with 90 degree righ turns, creates an issue with slightly projected silencer.


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