Back on my Bullet! Yahoo!!

Wow! What a feeling! My wife, Komala and I have had a ride on my 1962 Bullet Motorcycle, after EIGHTEEN YEARS! 😍

The motorcycle that carried me and Komala to places, and very often to my in-law’s place so often after my marriage. The motorcycle that later carried me, Komala, and my son , Sreemukh, twenty now. We had so much fun then. All the three of us used to love our vehicle. Bullet has always had a special place in my heart that I always dispersed any suggestion of disposing it off.

And now Sreemukh restored it. Ever since I left to US, I did not have much of an opportunity to ride on it.

And today we tried to bring back those nostalgic moments going to my in-law’s place again. Yahoo!!! I made it, despising my age or my motorcycle’s! 😄

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