A little off-road riding on motorbike

What a beautiful morning to start the day with!

Some of us from the WhatsApp Motorcycling Group decided that we will have some off road riding experience this weekend. Raj, Sastry, and Rama joined the ride with me today. We decided we will meet at Doolapally road beginning at 5:45 am. I was all excited 😃 of the early morning ride. So woke up at 3:20am, finished my chores and had some nice pEni with milk after having a cold water bath. Reached the place on the dot. Had only a short wait before Sastry joined me. And after that it was a long wait before Rama and Raj joined after 50 minutes. Apparently they started late and lost their way too.

We rode off to some interiors of the forest in Doolapally. At least at one place with a narrow patchy between the rocks path, the ride was risky. And it was steep downhill to make it worse. But for the lead, Raj leading me no choice but follow him, I am not sure if I would’ve continued. Of course I did it much more confidently during the return which should’ve been worse due to uphill path. The early morning musings from peacocks was interesting although we couldn’t locate them visually. Had several pictures including some selfies.

And then we were off to a canteen for breakfast, that wasn’t anything worth mention. Were now ride back into the woods on the other side of the road. Settled down on carpet of grass beautifully studded with sparkling morning dew. Man! Was it the most pleasing time! How could I not stoop into my mobile phone camera 📷 to make the best of what I have?

We now decide to spend some utility time to understand what each other wanted to do or accomplish in the next five years. And that wouldn’t be anything to do with career planning 😒. Were having enough of that for the rest of the days anyway. This was to be about other aspects of life. For me it is about visiting the great Himalayas on a motorbike preferably 😍.

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