Maa Durga on Vijaya Dasami for me

I prayed maa Durga today to support me do a long cycle ride after a very long gap of few years. And less than half way through today early morning, I had a punctured tire possibly due to a nail. This was as I was on a high on a highway! Disappointed 😞.

I never had flat tire, ever, on a cycle all through my cycling times for so many years. My confidence level to fix went down as I noticed my spare tube turned out unusable with a valve issue. To my utter shock, I realized I didn’t know how to operate the portable air pump. What a shame 😠. I had to use my mouth πŸ‘„ to blow air, figure out the puncture spot and fix it. I was trying to understand the pump how it worked, and why I am not able to use it properly. It took me nearly an hour to realize there was a lock on pump to be unlocked!! And after trying this pump for first time probably 7 years after purchasing, observed I couldn’t take it to even 50% of pressure I needed for the tire. Disappointed 😞, I turned back home 🏠 dropping my wish for long ride into the sea 😭. Completed a 50 km long ride nevertheless.

Back home 🏠 tired and exhausted, I am glad though maa Durga taught me several lessons today, like a true mother!! Being able to have my today’s wish fulfilled are not, is a small thing compared to what all I learnt today. Including the awareness through my return ride that the 50% pressure is adequate to do a long ride, I now am more capable than ever. Maa Durga knows what her children need.

Thank you, mother!! βœ‹

. . . . because i can share my thoughts, here is one.

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