Good Things are Bad for You

 I know I could get myself a little controversial on this. But hey, I hold a right to have my opinion, right? Read on . . . .

I tend to carry this feeling that good things ain’t as good for us as we tend to believe. Nature is harsh. And it evenly balances out. I see a hundred things to confirm I could be right.

  1. Extremely attractive plants in deep forests are known to be poisonous. Some go to the extent of being carnivorous.
  2. Very brightly colored fish (or whatever they are called) are also quite dangerous. They attract creatures toward them and quickly swallow when they do.
  3. Some of the highly venomous snakes are among the most beautiful.
  4. Several carnivores are quite beautiful as a matter of fact. Look at lions or tigers or cheetahs as an example. And their cubs are among the cutest. I just can’t stop the feeling of wanting to hold them in my hands. The fur is so so soft. Their eyes 👀 are so attractive full of curiosity and bubbling with energy. Yet when they grow up, they don’t hesitate to kill and eat in the harshest manner need be. Today morning I saw a small puppy 🐶 playing with something furry in the cutest way. It was so amusing. Yet after a closer observation, I noticed it actually brought a bird as its prey and eat it! It’s not a play.
  5. Several times we see or read somewhere of some unbelievable crimes being committed by the most beautiful women. And some are better. They don’t even get their hands dirty; they have some male do it for them. Shah Jahan went to the extent of spending away nearly all of the public money (and Aurangzeb had no option but to stop this by having to put his own father himself in jail) into constructing Taj Mahal just so he could satisfy his beautiful wife. And he didn’t care to cut off hands of craftsmen so his fascination for her remains eternal and proven. True. But at what cost? And whose cost? Such was the attraction of her beauty to him. Ethics went to dogs! No, I am not saying I don’t like Taj Mahal. Just going into the causes.
  6. I have a theory, although I can never prove it. Most husbands with less beautiful wives are happier than husbands with beautiful women as wives. In fact some extremely beautiful women can’t even bear children or have severe heath issues. (I already said, I can never prove it. Just an observation based on what I saw of my colleagues, friends, and relatives with beautiful or normal women as wives. And there could be few, very few exceptions for other reasons).
  7. And what about women herself, per se? A woman 👩 is an embodiment of beauty in general. The attraction of a woman is unstoppably high to a man. She is so beautiful by her very form that men cannot resist themselves. It is a well known fact that many wars were fought for the sake of or due to a woman. God created woman 👩, so man 👨 is in constant maya; and so this world keeps going, eternally. I am not saying woman pull is the only one that pushes a man. But it is the strongest of all.

I thus feel, God created forces of attraction to create an equal level of destruction. And even them out. If you want something beautiful, be prepared to pay the price. A price equal to the level of beauty you seek. Be it woman or any thing of beauty. Buyer Beware. As they say in Latin, Caveat Emptor!

. . . . because i can share my thoughts, here is one.

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