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Last week, I dedicated a blog (working till wee hours of the day) specifically written for one of my project team members who was getting married. Incidentally the blog post was launched by herself from within the marriage hall, when I requested her to click on the Update button in my mobile phone. Boom! It was published worldwide, same time! I now publish some pictures from the  marriage along with some of my impressions!

Note to Viewer: Since this is a predominantly photographs based blog post, please increase your display brightness to maximum (phone or computer) to view the picture properly as it was intended.

I have to confess, this was a marriage that is memorable not only to my colleague, it being her marriage but also to me and to my wife, Komala. It is no exaggeration that I felt the bride was too cute as a bride next only to the famous actress, Geetanjali in the old, ‘Sita Rama Kalyanam’ movie. While Geetanjali was actually very young for that movie, the bride this time managed to pull it off by her beautiful demeanor. I realized young girls look beautiful by the innocence they exhibit. Since this marriage I understood it is also by how a bride gets her make-up done and by carefully managing her own body language during the entire ceremony. I couldn’t ignore the fact (and I am going to ask her when she is back to work) that she probably studied herself of when and how she looked beautiful and thus repeated all that in the marriage event. As a photographer, my interest was rekindled in a big way that day after a long time. I couldn’t resist taking picture after picture after picture. And when I downloaded the pictures, it was hard for me to delete some wonderful pictures even if they were a repeat or minor variations. Some of the pictures that made it to the final list are presented below for viewer’s delight. I am aware there are still some (almost) duplicates. Some other day I would’ve mercilessly shoved them into Trash. Not this time. Please feel free to leave your comments or explicitly mention of any particular picture you might’ve liked, for my own enrichment of the hobby.

As I enter into the Marriage Hall, having lost my way and reached ‘Just-In-Time’


Opportunity to tell who is the BOSS at Home


A Secret Communication among the Newly Wed!
Boy! Isn’t she the most beautiful?
And this is what I meant earlier. Did she vow to keep her eyes pressed down all the time?


ProShot_20160424_113839 Crop
Just a ‘crop’ from above picture. Ain’t she cute as a bride?


ProShot_20160424_115852 Crop

While bridegroom, Sandeep is busy building a strategy, I suppose the bride is busy posing to the photographer


Bridegroom is viciously happy on winning the game of pulling ring from pot while bride complains it was cheating!
No dearth for color in the marriage
Marriage Photography these days is High End. Expensive huge equipment is not limited to movies
Needless to say the setting was awesome



Bride and groom bid farewell to visitors, as we move to Dining Hall 🙂

There are few more pictures that you can view here as a slide show



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