Effects of ‘Mounavrat’ (not speaking) and Media Fasting

I did two things yesterday. I did Mounavrat. In other words, I didn’t speak for the entire day and I also did media fasting on same day. Media fasting means not listening to music, not watching TV, not reading books, not writing books, not writing blogs, not reading email, no Internet, no social media.  Any kind of media is to be avoided completely. I wanted to see what this does to me and I wanted to know if it’ll help me understand myself better by sending an entire day on myself and do nothing about the external world.

1. We do not require same amount of food as other day. Perhaps as a result of long meditation and therefore not working,much, I realised the hunger levels were much lower. Just an early meal at 11 a.m. and watermelon at 5 p.m. Didn’t feel like having the need for dinner.
2. Managing heat was much easier. Despite temperatures hovering around 44 degrees Celsius these days, just a tiny exhaust fan was adequate to keep me cool. At one stage during meditation when the phone got switched off, I didn’t care to get up and switch it on for a long time. I was not feeling hot or sweating.
3. Found several answers. Due to long and repetitive meditations, I could get answers to some questions. Neither the question was in my mind nor I thought of solution earlier. They both came on their own. Felt satisfying and the day was useful. Feels like repeating this kind of ‘vrat’ more frequently, perhaps weekly or monthly.
4. Due to long and repetitive meditations, my body was not supportive of floor meditations towards evening. But it was still very effective to meditate sitting in a sofa.

Overall I was very happy with the way the day had proceeded and it was not as boring as a was worried of. It was quite easy and as always I was still struggling for the time to do more and relax more. All in all, I meditated for over 4 hours, slept in afternoon for an hour and rest was in chores.

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