Thunderstorm Like I’ve never seen in my Life

And my kuteeram that I build with so much love is damaged 😦 


I had never seen anything like this in my entire life. Me not being from coastal area, and not lived anytime in my ‘known’ life (I was born in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and have no remembrances from that!), the thunderstorm I saw today ain’t like anything known to me.

My awareness started around 3:15 am or so during my sleep, when I realized it was raining heavily. I mean super heavily. Having gone to bed past midnight, I was in no mood to open my eyes and look outside. And then I hear a loud noise of something dropping over my roof. And some more on the road (my bedroom has window facing a road). And few more louder noises over my roof. I felt some things probably rolling. In about 15 minutes time or so, I realized this was something serious. We could be in for danger from nature calamity, I suspected. I woke up my wife. It was so ultra windy, and raining so heavily, nothing that I’ve ever known other than in news channels. It was so scary, I didn’t dare go out into our balcony fearing I could even be thrown away! So through our broken window, after losing some time talking to my elder brother over phone, I shot some video.

The water was pouring so heavily that our balcony was filled and it overflowed into our hall. My wife and I had to go out and clear up the drain ways. The mind blowing gusty windows lasted probably 45 minutes or so. But they did a lot of damage. My kuteeram (hut) was blown away, due to cemented pillars not holding up, although for the bamboo itself there was no damage.

Tree branches, very large ones fell on road blocking traffic completely. By morning it was cleared by some to allow at least two wheelers. A large gate of neighbour fell away. Our mango tree was impacted with large branches from adjacent tree falling on it.

Pictures tell the story here.

And here is a one minute video, slightly after the heavy wind subsided.



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