A Friday at Karimnagar – I


It was a fun filled Friday, last Friday. To be precise Aug 26, 2016 the day of Srikanth’s Marriage. A life time sacred knot was going to be tied by our team member in office. He was such an amicable and pleasing guy, both by quality of work that he does and how he gets along with other members, that I decided I was going to attend his marriage, albeit it being away from city and a working day. So as planned, I woke up early and quickly cleared office work (and continued doing it through the day so project was not impacted by my physical absence). A group of  us decided to attend the marriage, ensuring our office work was minimally impacted. A friend volunteered to bring his car (of the three cars) to my home relieving me from the drive (these days I am more inclined to long tours by motorcycle). Left at 8:40 am and reached venue at 11:30 am despite breaks.


Surprisingly we were the first to reach with hardly any guests around. And so as it would, the wait was on for the other cars to join us. The last group from among our most dedicated teams started late due to unexpected issues in client delivery. We had a near Severity 1 issue that day and had to be dealt with ASAP. As the manager, I was happy that the team gave higher priority to client delivery setting aside personal entertainment. Couldn’t have asked more from them. What is a leader’s success but not of the team he leads? However as a diabetic, my stomach was stirring with unsatiating hunger as the lunch was getting delayed, having had a very early break fast that day.


The religious part of the marriage was brilliantly performed by an elderly man who impressed me with his crystal clear chanting of vedic rituals, and their explanation to the bride and groom.


Having reached early what with very few visitors, my photographic soul awoke to snap pictures even with this camera phone and the auxiliary high zoom telephoto lens. Right on time to shoot Srikanth putting the sacred Cumin-Jaggery on bride’s head. Needless to say the bride and groom were beaming with joy!



A simple yet, sumptuous hot lunch satiated my killing hunger. After the double sweety Double-ka-Meetha, everyone from our team were busy either with their phone or doing a one-on-one.




And if that wasn’t funny enough, watch this short video!

You can view all the pictures from this event here.

The fun did not end here, as we moved on to see the Elgandal Fort. Please read the part 2 of this blog, which pictorially is more entertaining.


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