Farewell to my colleague, Sastry Vadali

A farewell need not be one with sad emotions. So set Sastry an example that others could follow in future, a remarkable guy that he is. Last Friday we friends at IBM bid farewell to our colleague, Sastry Vadali. This was not one of those emotional farewell parties and thus invited my attention to write a blog. 
I have known Sastry since the Shell project I was leading and later assigned to Anil got re-assigned to Sastry in a short span of time. I had met Sastry prior to that in Bangalore, but that was just over a meeting. Since he has moved to Hyderabad and further ever since we both got into our new found interest in motorcycling, we became good friends. Over a period,  a nice group of managers we had become along with few others and meet across every once in a while. 

We organized a farewell to him at Pier33, a bar and restaurant. Overlooking the Durgam Cheruvu Lake and Inorbit mall and other buildings, it was one beautiful location that all of us immediately appreciated as wrbstepped into the place. The commute to the location using Google Maps, getting lost on the way was an adventure by itself for the late Friday dark evening. 

What with spirits flowing inside and out, it was a wonderful evening. Starting with the usual light talk, Sastry starting tapping his feet and swaying hands to the DJ music. He invited others and each had taken turns to dance with him. The food was good but the main attraction was the music and dance. Sastry was in a high that day all in all. You have to watch this video for sure to understand what happened that evening here  and how much fun friends had – (https://youtu.be/Wcau0qLAWCw). 

Sastry will remain in my hearts as someone special. He is a very very straightforward person. He does not hesitate to say what comes to his mind without fear or favor. I have seen him doing straight talk to his manager even when there were others in a call. Not many can do that. And since we all knew him well, none of us would find fault with him, including our managers. Just surprised. 

He is an authority on project management concepts. He even gave sessions to others on management topics. His desire to do long ride on a two wheeler did not stop him that he did not have a proper motorcycle. He did the ride to Srisailam Hills on a Vespa scooter and had the most out of that ride. Nothing stops him when he wants to do something. 
He writes blogs and tries out his hand on photography and videography. He is even spending active time to learn deeper techniques. 

He has a deep interest in acting. At this late age, he chose to pursue the dream and went to the extent of joining acting classes what others would consider at an exhorbitant cost. He participated in dramas. He gave several road shows and now trying his shot at short or feature films. He is not deterred by anything. He is one daring person to pursue his dreams.  

He is very helpful and good person overall. Sure there may be times when he loses his cool, but has the wisdom and courtesy to recognize his outburst and realize his mistake.  

I do not know what he will do next as his full time or near full time occupation. But I am sure and wish that, that be one of his choice and gives him immense pleasure! 

2 thoughts on “Farewell to my colleague, Sastry Vadali

  1. Great blog Mallik Sir and you covered all Social channels, FB, youtube etc Nice to know many interesting things about Sastry, while I know most of them and it got now reconfirmed.
    A day before last working day, came to my desk and took a selfie, after he left I was in very inconvenient position and moved emotionally. But I took my thought back and Wished him all the best as it is might be good turning point that would help him to rise further heights in fulfilling his dreams. Way 2 Go Sastry, Be yourself

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  2. Thanks a lot for the Blog Mallik sir 🙂 .. Though I have not worked with Sastry sir, I used to call you people for interviews (for PDM rounds) when I was handling the testing interviews for external hiring.

    Sastry Sir.. All the Best for your Future endeavors 🙂

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