1% Perspiration 99% Inspiration – The 100 km Bicycle Ride today

Doing a 100 km bicycle ride is not new to me. I have done it. In the past. But it’s like one saying he used to run fast when he was a child. Yes, I used to do some 100 km rides. But that was several years back when I was that many years younger. I did not know if I still had the stamina to do a 100 km ride now. What is worse is I have not been cycling at all much, in last few years.

There is an Independence Day bicycle ride coming up with several alternatives from 5 kms to 100 kms. I want to be able to do 100 kms whether I do it in this public ride or not. I want to be in a position that if I cannot add skills whatever that maybe, at least I do not want to lose what I have/had. But what about that practice element? Wishful thinking is one thing and achieving them is another thing. We all know.

And this one was a strenuous activity. Until today morning when I woke up with only 4 hours of sleep, I wasn’t too confident that I could do this. Even during the ride after few kms, I was open to returning back home with fewer kms on my back.

But the desire kept pushing me.

I have given myself several breaks not waiting until I needed them. 

Did not wait until I was thirsty, I kept gulping small quantities of water. Had carried some Muruku, which is not necessarily a good choice, and ate that in two breaks giving me enough energy to carry on.

Interesting that I was able to sense when the food got digested and converted to calories. And similarly I could recognise when I had spend them all!

With the season being apt, the view was excellent most times. Greenery was at its best.

I have to give a lot of credit to my long distance ride to the top class roads on the highway. If there is anything the central and local governments achieved in last few years, I think it is the road infrastructure. Riding, particularly with a road bike as mine is excellent with hard roads as these. Despite a lakh plus price of these bicycles when it comes to managing uneven paths these are horrible. 

When needed, I paid the toll plaza fees in calories. Save some money 😋

On my return, my younger brother asked me how do I get the energy to be able to do such activities. And my reply was 1% Perspiration and 99% Inspiration. I think if man (or woman) desires to do something strong enough, nothing is impossible. It was not my stamina that pulled me through. It was not that 6L of water that I hydrated (3L intake) or the 3,600+ calories I burnt that achieved this. I think it is the inspiration and will to do it that made it possible. “1% Perspiration, 99% Inspiration!“.

7 thoughts on “1% Perspiration 99% Inspiration – The 100 km Bicycle Ride today

  1. We all knew that you can do this :-). I agree with other comments that even imagining this is very difficult for a person like me. I cannot do this :-).


    1. Yes. That was not easy. But that was the whole point. Even for me what paid off was the intent, a strong one , pushing me today. I am no super man myself. We all have hidden potential (not necessarily at same thing) we often don’t exploit ’cause we don’t push ourselves into wanting something. 😍


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