What a wonderful way to begin the day with a fantastic coffee in my style

What a wonderful way to begin the day, even so a weekend with such a delicious coffee! A raw food coffee that is not only healthy, yet leaves a whole body experience rejuvenated with the caffeine. The tingling in my fingers that hold the cold glass cup (mother nature earth in an interesting form) is my first sensation inviting me to that first sip of the day. The creamy white froth of almond milk topping shouts, ‘am I not beautiful enough to just stare at’? The aromatic brown liquid beneath invites me to start the experience. The floating ice cube yells ‘don’t stare at the cup too long lest I will simply melt!’.

The first taste to the tongue announces, ‘this is heaven’. Wow! What a feeling of that first sip! I cannot do justice by any words howsoever wisely I may choose. Wow! A liquid that is so creamy, yet so coffee-like. Just the right blend of that super dark decoction with super white frothy almond milk. How can I describe what it tastes like? You got to taste it to know it. Period.

As I take each gulp allowing it to stay long enough to tingle the palate, subtly allowing the ice cold liquid to add to the sensation. The cold liquid soothes my throat and food pipe with each gulp. As I finish my last sip from the cup, stomach lets me literally feel the cold liquid in it. And the body praises me for giving it such a wonderful treat first thing in the morning. But my taste buds ask for more, and so does the still not fully melt ice cube. And body confirms loudly, ‘go ahead, I have no issues digesting one more cup of this healthy food’. And I treat myself with one more cup. What a wonderful way to begin the Day! So what I had now is it coffee or kauphy?

Epilogue – how do I make it?

Decoction: Add 250 ml water to about 80 ml of ground coffee in an air tight glass bottle in the refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours. I have some of those glass bottles that are very similar to the good old milk bottles of yesteryears. Just that these have an excellent air tight cap too. The decoction can stay in refrigerator for multiple days. When the decoction empties, I usually add some more coffee powder and more water and use it for couple of days more before I throw the whole thing. One bottle of decoction can make 3-4 cups of coffee at the minimum. You can change the intensity to your taste with less or more of water/coffee powder.

Almond Milk: Soak about 100 ml of almonds overnight or longer. Rinse the almonds thoroughly thrice. Blend it with about 500 ml of water in a high speed blender. Filter the liquid through a cloth filter and pour the milk into an air tight glass bottle and refrigerate until you need.

Coffee: Drop a large ice cube into the coffee cup of your choice. I prefer a see-through glass where the coffee can be fully seen as I sip. Pour about half a cup of almond milk and about half a cup of decoction (less or more depending on how strong was your decoction). Stir lightly with spoon and enjoy! I like coffee without a sweetener. But if you prefer that way, there are two methods you could use. First preference would be to add some honey when you are blending the almond milk or add to glass bottle in final stage and give it vigorous shake. The not so preferred way is to add honey to your taste when you are making the coffee. Be prepared though to stir long enough for the honey to mix well in a cold coffee if you use the second method. It isn’t as easy.

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