Exploring Telangana – a reason to ride the bike!

So the itch for a long ride had started again. With friends being busy, I did it solo. Among others, exploring Telangana has always been one of my to-do wish items. I wanted to go the interior-most areas and see if there is really any development that we tend to believe exists. To my pleasant surprise, it does exist, And infrastructure is surely good, at least from the periphery angle that I could watch from. Actually the development is more than we tend to perceive.

On my way, I saw a bunch of motorcyclists from an elite gang. They all had Triumph Tiger models. I wonder if they all know each other from Triumph motorcycles. These motorcycles would be around Rs. 10 lakhs each. Not my type though. While they could be nice to ride on plain road, they are hard to control in difficult traffic or bad road situations for me. And they wouldn’t have service options in most parts of country, the primary reason why I bought the Yamaha this time instead of getting some nice looking expensive bike.

Anyway, by themselves they are good motorcycles. I rode them earlier. We all had (not together) our breakfast on the highway. Gave my diet a toss today, it being a weekend.

With rainy season on, it was a pleasant day with an overcast sky. I was prepared for a downpour should there be one, but luckily had none. I was not pushing the bike but had 100 plus speeds anyway.

To ensure I had a point to go to and be able to mark it on the google maps, I had preselected a point that would be in the middle of two highways, and thus represents the most interior that I can manage within a comfortable one day ride. And sure, it had to include some woods. What would be a motorcycle ride without some forest, however tiny it could be? So this point worked out to be a temple in a village called Parashuram Nagar somewhere between Kamireddy and Siddipet. To be honest, I didn’t really matter what name a place could have as long as it was an interior village!

After a long ride on the NH44, I took an exit and started moving interiors, and more interiors from one road to another. Sure, I did have some interesting things to watch, the below pink painted bullock cart being one such. What amazed me was, however deep I went, it was good tarmac road everywhere. One would have to really search hard to find off-roads these days.

I reached my destination as below pictures show. One three wheeler auto driver was laughing that I had come to see this temple (I could see him chuckle in cheeks). With my motorcycle armour and all, and with a sports bike, I surely did look odd to him in a village spot. It was a local village deity temple, Sri Peddamma Devasthanam. There were some earthern pots around indicating this temple is probably used for sacrifices as well. I went inside and peeped through the iron grill to offer my prayers to the deity. After ensuring there were no possibility for snakes (I encountered one earlier and narrowly escaped a danger in an isolated temple earlier, when an extremely long about 30 ft, ‘yes it was that long’, snake passed by that I was about to cross). This one was safe although isolated. I meditated in a corner for some 30+ minutes.

After taking some memories from here, I moved on to the tiny ghat section. My return was lot more fun than the onward, as I chose a different route for return, despite Google kept encouraging me to choose the route by NH44 for faster return to home. This one included more exciting roads, some very marginally spoiled and gave me opportunity to hone my riding skills at moderately high speeds. Lots of woods; lots of farming; and above all, less villages on my way.

There was this this set of three houses that had those outside stone tables, as in olden times that caught my attention. Villagers would sit on the stone slabs in the evening as the hot day would cool, and have chit-chat until it was dark and time to sleep (electricity was much less in villages and so people had no choice but to hit bed early those days).

Eventually ended up on the express way of Karimnagar – Hyderabad. I had some freshly roasted corn for lunch and reached home with a physically tired body but soul in high spirits.

Some stats:

Left at: almost 6 am

Distance: 230 kms in all

Duration: 7:30 hrs

Epilogue: Yes, Telangana does have its interiors included for good infrastructure. I saw good roads, all the way. Saw schools in every village. Lakes were full and farming seemed good with lot of crop or preparation in full swing. I barely saw any barren land. There were no huts of any kind anywhere (which was a kind of a disappointment for me visually though). It was all replaced with concrete houses. I was also able to see some of those two bedroom houses that government announces, in construction. If there was anything that disturbed me personally, just me, being a vegetarian, it was the butchering of goats and what not, in almost every village. It being a Sunday, I guess another reason to find more of these. There were groups of people engaged in this activity while several other villagers watch this.

Few more pictures can be seen here which I am sure, you will enjoy.

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