Struggle to even Walk after Chikungunya

After being stung by a mosquito, the Chikungunya virus spread across my body creating millions, possibly trillions of families and colonies in the process. It became visible only with quick upsurge of fever and shivers at office that forced me go home immediately and just dump myself onto the bed and sleep off, hoping the fasting would help. With a temperature of around 105 degrees, I was far from treating it with fasting. So with the help of paracetamol and vegetable juices, the fever was off within 2.5 days, but the weakness lasted two weeks. And this was only to be confirmed later with lab tests that I was actually hit by Chikungunya virus.

Apparently, this virus hits the joints severely and effects could last for several months and in several cases some effects continuing for few years. One person went to the extent of telling me that I will have to get used to a life ‘before Chikungunya and after’. And that, I better start meditating to deal with the stress which was bound to accrue!

I don’t know about all that, if it would really be as severe for me. But sure, I can see that as everyone mentions, the bad effects start actually after 4 weeks of the fever is gone, which is where I am. Last two weeks have been much worse than previous 1-3 weeks of the fever and the immediate weakness.

When I thought things should improve, it actually is worsening. The joint pains keep shifting from one part of my body to the other each day. Each one making it seem this was actually worse than the previous ones. Last two days, leg pains have been severe enough to make me take a deep breath and prepare myself before I would put down my leg for the first step after sitting for a while.

I wanted to see if some serious walking can help. So I thought I would do some today. After the peak of daily walk of 14 kms, that ended with a first time in life of 12 kms jog, here I am resting by the side of toad just after under 3 kms walk! And this was just about half of my usual walking speed. Things can change pretty fast in life.

But hey, I truly believe that there are always ups and downs in life like waves on the sea. Can’t avoid them. There should be good times after my current phase too. Just waiting!

But yes, there would be light. As I can see it now by how the road appears and people busy, after me pausing to write this short blog by the side of the road.

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