Raw Mango Ice Cream

Here is a raw mango ice cream that I made today. Fruits and vegetables grow in a region and in a season, for a reason. Nature created them that way. We now have modernised into everything being available everywhere and anytime, and thus lose the significance. I believe in that. So I make it a point to eat lot of mangoes during summer, here in Hyderabad. In all forms. Lucky for me that we have a mango tree at our home, so I could go and pick a mango of any phase for immediate consumption. Healthy eating is when the smell of that fresh mango just cut from tree is arresting, with a strong odour of the juice seeping from the stalk. Aah! Mouth watering and a divine smell.

Many of us are familiar with eating raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder. Some of us could be familiar with mango juice as well made from boiled mango, sugar and water. But here I am, who believes sugar is very bad for health and so is heating food. So below is one recipe that doesn’t do either of that.

Recipe – Two raw mangoes cut into large chunks. Let’s say about 2 cups. I do not remove the skin from mango, for they may contain many nutrients. Just de-seeded. Add three bananas, peeled. I dropped about a cup of cashews to give me enough energy to take me through the day. Some of them happened to be soaked and chilled from my refrigerator, that I had a stock of. To this I added 10 or so soft dates. Dropped 3 large ice cubes and allowed the mixture to blend in a high speed blender for couple of minutes, until I was satisfied that everything including the mango skin and the dry cashews were finely ground. And then I dropped another 2 or 3 large ice cubes to make the mixture cool. I would also watch for a four petal flower formation when I blend to know that it has come to right consistency to stop blending. A high speed blender is a must for this kind of recipe to get smooth consistency.

Garnished the ice cream that is immediately poured into bowls, with some dry cranberry and sliced almonds. The ice cream has to be eaten right away, or else it would become watery and lose the fun. Freezer is not an option for then, the banana, the water, and the mango pulp would become very hard and will not have the rich texture.

Enjoy making one. It’s not hard! A very good summer treat.

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