Raw Food – Cinnamon Rolls

These are absolutely gorgeous looking, very delicious raw food snack, Cinnamon Rolls. Cinnamon Rolls were among my most revered foods when I was living in the US. Even so when they were freshly made by the bakery. Something that I miss back home here, in India. Now that I am into raw food, I love this version that I made yesterday. It’s a little complicated to make, but like I said both by appearance and taste, it is mind blowing. Here is how it was made.

Slice medium ripe long bananas lengthwise into three slices each. That would make something like 1 to 2 cms thick. Three long ones, ‘not’ sliced into round chunks. I took 4 bananas to start with this time, unsure how it would turn out. Very carefully these were picked, without breaking them and put on the dehydrator shelves. I dehydrated them at about 45 degrees Celcius for about 5 hours, until they were firm to hold but not too hard to bend.

At this time, I took 8 or so soft dates and ground them with two teaspoons of ground cinnamon. I ground the two in a mortar until it formed a uniform soft dough.

I then took each banana slice into my left palm and layered the top with the cinnamon dates dough. I then slowly rolled the banana slice from bottom to top end into a swirl. The stickiness of the dates in the dough allowed the banana to stick to itself easily.

I then continued dehydrating them for another 3 hours, until I was convinced it dried up all the moisture. The cinnamon rolls were now ready for a (black photography) photo shoot and consumption 🙂

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