Mint Vegetable Dressing

Today we will discuss Mint Vegetable Dressing. This dressing can be used for vegetable salads in particular owing to its somewhat sweet taste with a tinge of sourness, and a strong flavor due to the olive oil. It stays in fridge for few days, and is a healthy alternative to the store bought dressings.

What is Good About This?

Provides healthy fats & proteins – due to cashews and olive oil we use in this recipe, there are good healthy fats in this dressing. It will help get good energy. Also the mono-unsaturated fats of olive oil are very good for hearty, especially when we use virgin olive oil just as in this case. Similarly the proteins in cashews help body build new cells.

Keeps hunger at bay – cashews and olive oil are rich in energy. They also digest slow when compared to carbohydrate based food. So you will not feel hungry if you add decent amount of this dressing to your salads. Salads by themselves even when consumed in large quantities will make us hungry again very soon.

Vitamins and minerals – honey and lemon provide good proportion of vitamin C and several other minerals needed to avoid or help reduce diseases. They also help you resisting catching cold.

Very Tasty – this is a very tasty dressing to make your salads instantly delicious.

Delicious condiment to vegetable salads


Cashews – 2/3 cup

Olive Oil – 2 tbsp

Water – 1/2 cup

Lemon – 1

Sea Salt – 1 pinch

Mint – 15 leaves approx.


Just drop all the ingredients in a high speed blender and process at high speed until it forms a smooth texture. I takes a minute or two only in a high speed blender. But if you are using a regular mixie, it may longer and also not as smooth. It will taste good either way!

Enjoy the Dressing

Have an abundant quantity of this dressing on the salad. It will make the salad good visually and also makes it taste amazing. Today I am showing the dressing on a raw zucchini noodles. If you like the zucchini noodles and wondering how they could be raw, go ahead and look for my video for the same in my channel

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