Spicy Almond Laddu

Today I want to show you how I made these wonderfully tasty almond laddus that are lightly spicy. This is a zero gadget recipe that does not need any powered kitchen gadgets. Just a mortal and pastel will do. I will also explain how it could help your health while you just eat them because they are tasty. Food has to be that, that benefits the body rather than eating just for the sake of taste.

These laddus can be had any time, but be a little watchful before eating them a lot before hitting the bed though. They are high energy foods and so are best eaten during the day, such as mid or late afternoon.


Almonds – 1 cup

Dry Coconut flakes – 1/2 cup

Soft Dates – 12

Cardamom – 10

Cloves – about 20

Cinnamon powder for garnishing optional – a pinch


Remove the skin from cardamom (otherwise they need to be chewed later with laddu). Grind them in the mortal and pastel until they are somewhat ground. You want to grind these first because the quantity is so small. They will not grind well if you have other items too.

Add the cloves and grind again until the entire mixture is finely ground.

Remove seeds from the dates. Make sure you have soft dates. The softer they are, the better. Add the dates to the mixture and grind again, to make a fine paste. These is an easy-peezy job really. Doesn’t take much effort.

Using a knife cut the almonds by length once and several times horizontally so they are cut into small pieces. We want small pieces but not completely powdered. This activity needs some patience and could take 10 minutes or so. If you want the easy method, you could use a blender or food processor and give just pulse it few times. Cutting manually gives more control for a uniform texture and size while also ensuring there is not much powder. Too much powder of almonds spoils the game for a good looking and nutty laddu.

After these are done, add the half cup of coconut flakes. Thin long ones would do well, but if you cannot find them, regular dry coconut flakes also work fine. Mix the almond cuts and the coconut flakes well.

Now dump the spiced up dates dough into this mixture. Feel free now to use your hands to ensure a through mix of all the ingredients. We are looking for a consistency here when the mixture is sticky but not overly sticky which would mean that we had too many dates. Depending on the quality of your dates and almonds, you may need to add more almonds if necessary.

Wash off your hands now, and lightly grease them edible pure coconut oil. Taking a handful of the mixture into your palm, make spherical balls. They may be very lightly sticky initially after they are done, but after a few hours they will be fine. After making all the laddus, you may sprinkle some Cinnamon powder. This is completely optional.

What is Good-About-This?

Lots of energy – can take you through the rigours of the day easily without the need for junk food between the meals.

High proteins and fats – help build muscle, good for heart, helps remove clogs in arteries.

High in Vitamin E, and minerals – helps free flow of blood

Lots of Calcium – helps bone build

A serving of three laddus provides immense energy for day


Make these in large quantities once you have made per above measurements once and mastered the technique. Store in air tight jars. They will last for several days without refrigeration. Good for kids to even very elderly (in moderation for latter).

Make some and let me know in comments if you got it right or need some help.

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