Cashew Milk – a vegan alternative

I share today, how I make cashew milk. I will also share various benefits of using this as an alternative to regular cow or buffalo milk and even other vegan alternatives. It is not only very easy to make, but is also uniquely tastier than other vegan alternatives.


Cashews – 1/2 cup

Water – 1 1/2 cup


Take 1/2 cup of cashew and soak them in drinking water. Ensure there is adequate water to fully cover the cashews. Allow the cashews to soak in for a minimum of half hour. If you had forgotten about it, and only realised after a day, it still shouldn’t matter.

Rinse the cashews with fresh clean water.

Take these to a high speed blender. If you do not have a high speed blender, you can use the regular one as well but need to process longer. Add 1 1/2 cups of water. You can use 3 to 5 times the cashew by their dry volume. I personally prefer 3 times.

Process for 1 minute.

If you prefer a very creamy texture to your milk, that’s about it. We are done. And that’s one advantage of cashew milk over others. But if you prefer a 100% sediment free milk, then you will need an additional step of filtering.

Using a nut milk bag (I use Ellie’s Best Nut milk bag, which is expensive but a good one time investment), or a cheese cloth or any fine cotton cloth, filter the milk. A tea net will not do. The sediment left in the filter bag can be used in your other foods or be used for composting or just thrown away. Anyway, unlike other vegan milk, in the case of cashew milk, there is hardly any residue after filtering.

Store the milk refrigerated. It should easily store for 3-4 days without spoiling. If you see a separation of water in the container, it does NOT mean it has become bad. Just shake it and use.

What is Good-About-This?

Vegan Product – other than human being no other animal drinks milk after becoming an adult and certainly not drinking milk from another species. Regular milk is not good for health. Many studies have suggested type 2 diabetes risk and other digestive health risks (including irritable bowl syndrome for some) with cow or buffalo milk. Also some have known lactose intolerance. This is a good alternative to regular milk and actually helps becoming healthy.

Healthy fats, proteins, and nutrients – Cashews are rich in fats, proteins, and minerals that are good for health in several ways.

Helps control blood sugars – natural fats in cashew digest slowly and have low glycemic index. They help in controlling blood sugars.

Good for Heart – with good soft fiber, and several minerals, they particularly help good blood flow, cleaning up of arteries, and so excellent for heart.

Cashew milk is mildly sweet naturally. This milk is so much better in taste compared to regular milk and other vegan alternatives. While almond milk, which is among the most popular vegan milks, is good for being tasteless and odourless, cashew milk’s delicate sweetness is unexplainable for taste. It is a very good replacement for regular milk. Also, if you hate filtering, this is a good choice. It will be creamy and good tasting without filtering.


You can use cashew milk for coffee, milkshakes, flavoured drinks, and most other places where you use regular milk.

Try it out and let me know in comments, if you liked it or need any help.

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