Lemon Zest Pista Sweet – a raw food recipe

For my wife’s birthday yesterday (June 14), although I made one savory item as a substitute for cake, I wanted to make one sweet item as well, for this special occasion. This was one quick, and tasted pretty good. So I thought of posting this recipe here. I will also mention what is particularly good about this recipe, and how long this can be stored at the end.

Recipe Process

EquipmentI used a my favorite high speed blender in this case. But you can use a regular blender as well. Just make sure that you process a little longer.

Process – I added some cashews, zest (thin skin) from small lemons, juice from the lemons (make sure there are no seeds, otherwise the sweet recipe will become a bitter recipe!), honey, and some dry coconut flakes into the blender.

I processed these at high speed for about a minute. Do not over process it, for that may result in coconut oil bleeding out oil, which we do not want.

I spread all of this on a dinner plate and hand pressed it into the heart shape. I sprinkled some dry coconut flakes and on top of it some cut pistachios. Lightly pressed them into the sweet.

I then had the sweet left in the freezer for a few hours (actually 45 minutes to one hour will be adequate). This is only to firm it up a little. You may then shift to regular refrigerator and consume whenever you please.

Shelf Storage – I do not recommend leaving it in room temperature for longer than a day, due to lemon juice content. But otherwise it can store in refrigerator for several days.

What is good-about-this?

Cashews and Pistochios – healthy energy sources

Dry Coconut – good for heart

Lemon juice & zest – boost immunity

Honey – excellent for many ailments


Cashews – 1/2 cup

Dry Coconut Flakes – 1/2 cup

Lemon Juice – 4 small

Lemon Zest – 4 small

Honey – 1 tbsp

Dry Coconut Flakes (garnish) – 1 tsp

Pistachios – 1 tbsp

Final Comments

This is a very very quick sweet to make. While it is very tasty, it is so simple too. And if we can have good healthy substitute as this – made at home, hygienic, and cheap, why not replace for store bought sugar filled sweets, at least some times? Try it out. I am confident you will like this recipe. Do make alterations to lemon juice (not zest, for that’s the main ingredient) and honey per your liking and taste.

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