Cocoa Coconut Energy Balls

To save us from commercial chocolates and sugar filled empty sugars and artificial chemicals, I provide here a recipe for a wonderfully delicious dry coconut energy ball that is so easy to make. This will be something you can grab as you watch TV, or grab some as you walk out when you are in a hurry. If you stick till the end, I will also provide nutrition detail as well as how long to store and what are the best times to eat this.

There was a Brahmin who needed a white goat for a certain ritual he was to perform. So he bought one from market and walked towards his village. There were four thieves who connived to get the goat from him. As one thief passed by the Brahmin, he asked the Brahmin why was he taking along a black goat since they were inauspicious for him. Brahmin ridiculed the thief and said this was a white goat not black. After some distance, another thief walked by him and asked the same thing. Now the Brahmin did not understand why two people mistook the white goat as black. After some more distance, the third thief said the same thing as the other two. Now it stuck to Brahmin that he was actually given a black goat by seller and for some reason it appears white to him. Since this is not suitable for the ritual, he left the goat by the road and walked away, repenting his purchase. The fourth thief after passing through the Brahmin, took away the goat and shared with this friends.

Moral of the story is, just because many people are doing something, that does not make it right. In this case, the four thieves connived to steal. In many cases, there is no self interest but because of spiral effect, more and more people do one thing. And that does not make it, right!

Nearly all creatures in this world, eat their food raw, as is made available by Mother Nature. Just because most people eat cooked food, don’t get into the spiral and get yourself a food that is already dead by nutrition.

Recipe Process

Equipment – We will use a Food Processor for this dish.


  1. Ensure the blade in the Food Processor is the plastic one that is used for mixing things, not cut.
  2. Add some desiccated coconut flakes to the food processor. Dry Coconut powder in place of flakes will also do, but the texture is much better with flakes. I bought mine from Amazon.
  3. De-seed some soft dates and add to the processor. If your dates are not very soft, per-soak them for few minutes before using. But my preference is to not use water, since that reduces store life of the food.
  4. Add some cocoa powder, and pinch of salt
  5. Process the ingredients until the content is slightly sticky. You may want to adjust the quantity of dates as needed.
  6. Make some balls of the contents with hand just by pressing with fingers. Simple as that!

When to consume – This is a very good snack. You can have them any time during the day, but I suggest you keep it to minimum after sunset since you don’t need too much energy after this period. Excess energy providing fed into body will turn into stored fats when not consumed immediately.

Shelf Storage – This can stay in room temperature in any tight lid container for several weeks without harm. But I will surprised if you can keep it for so long, since they are very tempting to grab a couple.

What is good-about-this?

  • Provide lot of energy – coconut & dates
  • Mood enhancer – proven with cocoa
  • Strengthen jaws – forces to chew food
  • Hunger killer – feels fuller and slow digestion

Handy to grab some, any time, and on-the-go

Ingredients – Makes 8

Desiccated Coconut – 1 cup

Soft Dates – 4 nos.

Cocoa – 1 tbsp

Salt – 1 pinch

Final Comments

When such delicious food is possible, which is healthy and easy to make, it is a good enough reason for you to make some today and check it out.

Let me know in comments, if you like this recipe and like to give it a try. Do ask questions if I didn’t mention anything you were looking for.

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