Amla (Gooseberry) Almond Sweet – for health and high energy

Many people complain these days that they are exhausted. And there are several others who do not complain, but do not exhibit high energy. People get exhausted with very small chores of the day, and have tendency to rest more often than not……even during the day!

And this is true even if they were eating full, and are on no specific diet plan. It is a result of lack of healthy fats in their diet that could provide energy in a sustained manner. Today’s eating habits work well for quick sprints than marathons. If you were eating well, then even if you didn’t eat anything for an entire day, energy levels should not drop noticeably. You may feel hungry or have a desire to eat if you did not eat for long. But that’s a different thing, than not having energy.

A diet that is rich in carbohydrates and has a somewhat high glycemic index (an index that conveys how quickly the food is converted into glucose to provide energy to cells) will work as a racing motorcycle. You get pumped up for sometime. Whereas a healthy fat rich food would have worked as a locomotive engine that goes longer, and longer, and longer for a very long time without needing to re-fuel.

I want to show how to get such healthy fats, in an easy to carry, lovely to look at, something that could store at room temperature for several weeks, and fairly delicious. You could actually make this in bulk and store in your kitchen, AND in the bag you carry to your work.


Take one cup of almonds into a blender.

Add half a cup of desiccated coconut flakes.

De-seed and add about 8 soft dates.

Add the main flavouring ingredient, Amla (also called Gooseberry) – 1 tbsp

We will also include 1 tsp of matcha powder, which is a unique flavouring green tea leaves powder.

While we are here, let us also add a pinch or 1/2 tsp of sea salt to invigorate the taste buds as taste enhancer.

Blend all these until they become a soft dough. You may need to use the plunger as well in a high speed blender, to keep the mixture moving. In case you are using a regular kitchen blender or food processor, process carefully by scraping the ingredients intermittently.

Now you can use the dough to mould into sweets of any shape you desire. In this case, I have taken an organic wrapper into a tray for ease of removing, and emptied the mixture from blender into it. After pressing them flat, I cut them into squares (or rectangles, or un-defined shapes for a few) and stored them off.

These will stay at room temperature for several weeks without getting spoiled. This is a food you could have at any time during the day. That means I do not recommend eating them in night or before hitting the bed as fat digestion could be straining on the stomach during the night. At night time, left to itself, body repairs its system and rejuvenates to make it fit for next day.

How do they taste?

Amla has a sour taste but different from lemons or tamarind. It has a very subtle sourness that works well with the dates we added to provide a flavour that is quite unique. Matcha powder gives the interesting green colour, as well as a unique earthy smell. The coconut provides the chewy nature, while almonds, the king ingredient helps you get some healthy fats. Did you also know that, they ACTUALLY increase memory power. If you do not believe, start having four of these sweets every day, and see if you can notice the difference after three months!

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