Bhendi (Okra) Healthy Rice Flake Poha (cooked food)

My daily food is based on a raw food diet, something that helped me get rid of all my diseases and lose excess weight as well. That said, I also like cooked food, and create some recipes in this tradition as well. I like falling into the trap of tasty cooked foods once in a while. But I take the opportunity to create something exciting such as this one.

In this video, I want to show how I recently made a Bhendi (that is Okra) based rice flakes Poha that is very very tasty, yet a healthy version when compared to the traditional poha. It is so easy to make, you can make this right after watching this video, if you have the ingredients.

The quantities I mention here will provide two servings.

Vegetables needed for this recipe are:

Medium ripe tomatoes – 5

Tender bhendi (Okra) – 8

Green chillies – 3

We will also be needing half of cup of peanuts, preferably organic which are tastier compared to regular ones.

Arrange all the vegetables in a baking tray. And so also the peanuts in another baking tray. I took the opportunity to roast peanuts more than half a cup in this case to eat later as well. By the way, a pro-tip. If you pre-soak peanuts in salt water for about an hour and then roast them, they will turn out much crispier and stay that way longer.

Put both these trays in a traditional oven at 250 degrees Celsius and run it for 5 to 7 minutes until the peanuts are roasted well. If you do not have an oven, you can also roast them over stove top alternatively.

While this is happening, take one cup of rice flakes into a bowl. Squeeze juice from two lemons into it.

Add half a teaspoon of salt. I prefer sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt when available.

Add few curry leaves. No need to fry or roast them.

Now remove the ingredients from the oven. Cut off the top and bottom portions of bhendi, and cut them into three parts each. We do not want the vegetable to be cut too small. The bite of the chewy bhendi is better when the pieces are long.

Slice up the green chillies into quarter inch pieces. Also slice them vertically. This will not only give better appeal visually, but also help mix well with poha when completed.

Cut each tomato into four pieces.

Add the roasted peanuts first and then the vegetable ingredients to rice flakes.

Mix well with a serving spoon.

Serve immediately and savor it while it is hot. We want to the vegetables to be piping hot when you bite them!

I hope you like this recipe. If you enjoyed watching this, please click on the Like button and also subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t. I mostly make raw food recipes that are healthy, simple to make, yet visually appealing and definitely tasty. If any of my recipes did not turn out tasty, I wouldn’t post the video at all.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day or evening.

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