Spicy Sesame Balls to Combat Covid-19?

I came across a conversation between two medical doctors recently, conversing in Telugu over a phone call. Some of you may have seen it as well, on the WhatsApp.

According to the doctors:

  1. Glycine, an Amino Acid in human body, among others, is a neurotransmitter, meaning it helps send signals to brain on some senses including smell and taste. Therefore it is very vital for body to function normally.
  2. Corona virus when it gets into the body, it needs glycine to multiply itself and grow rapidly.
  3. Since we are unable to kill and get rid of the virus itself, to replenish the severe shortage of Glycine, if we can supplement it, then our body can function normally, and hopefully fight out the virus.

So far so good. So how do we supplement? Glycine’s highest availability is in Pork Skin which is not vegan and not suitable for vegetarians. The second highest availability is in Sesame seeds. Other items that have Glycine are considerably lower than Sesame. So if we consume Sesame seeds regularly, then we can combat the Corona virus effectively.

While all this is possibly true scientifically, does this concept hold enough water in it?

If you stick till end of this video, I will discuss more about this.

Since it is so beneficial to have sesame on a daily basis, I want to show one recipe here that will be easy on you to consume daily, and of course enjoy it fully. It surely will be delicious and healthy, like many of my recipes are here.


We will use a food processor for making the sesame energy balls.


  1. Add some almonds into food processor with its regular chopper blade.
  2. Pulse until the almonds chop into small pieces.We do not want to process until it becomes flour!
  3. Change the blade to the plastic mixing blade now in the food processor
  4. Add the sesame seeds to the food processor now
  5. Add some pitted soft dates
  6. Add some chilli flakes
  7. Add sea salt or any other salt of your choice as a taste enhancer
  8. And finally, add a small quantity of coconut oil, so the final product is not too sticky to hands while consuming and making the balls.
  9. Process the ingredients until the mixture is slightly sticky to hands. You may need to add or reduce the dates, based on the quality of your dates.
  10. Take the ingredients into a bowl
  11. Make balls with your hands of about 2″ diameter
  12. Optionally if you wish, you could roll these in desiccated coconut flakes.

What is good-about-this?

  1. Sesame is second highest in Glycine, and so will continuously replenish the glycine shortage, in case someone is infected with Corona virus.
  2. Sesame is very very high in Calcium and is required for bone strengthening and growth for children and sustenance for 40+ adults.
  3. Almonds have high amounts of fats and proteins in vegan products, and are very useful in providing high energy, as well as build muscle for children and adults. They also help lose weight for those interested by providing the slow digesting protein and healthy fats.
  4. Almonds enhance memory power. I can vouch for this based on my own personal experience when I was regularly consuming almonds.

It is a damn good chewy snack that provides lot of energy and immunity.

Ingredients to make about 10 balls

Sesame seeds – 1 cup

Almonds – 1 cup

Soft Dates – 8

Chilli flakes – t tbsp

Sea Salt – 1 tsp

Coconut Oil – 1 tsp

Final Thoughts

There are some flaws in the theory that the doctors talked about, in my view:

  1. Glycine is produced by humans through biosynthesis. Body does not require direct consumption of the compound. So I am not sure if we consume directly, despite the digestion process, whether the compound will retain its natural form all the way through until final consumption.
  2. This is a big one: Glycine’s half life ranges from half hour to 4 hours, as per a sample study. This means whatever quantity you consume, it will become half in about 30 minutes to 4 hours. And of what is remaining, will again become half within the next 30 minutes to 4 hours, and so on. This means within a small time, the quantities will become very small despite consuming large quantity of Glycine directly.
  3. While we are replenishing the glycine to human body, we are not combating the virus with this and killing it. So the virus is fast spreading possibly faster than we are supplying glycine to the body.

So I feel this theory does not hold much water in it, as an effective way of combating the virus.

That having said, sesame is very very good nutritionally otherwise, and so also are the other major ingredients we used. So the energy balls are for sure healthy. All healthy foods will definitely improve our immunity to everything and anything. So make it a practice to consume sesame in some form daily. The recipe I showed today is an excellent option.

Let me know your views.

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