Chilled Cashew Lemon Tarts

Imagine this mentally. You closed your eyes in silence, put something on your tongue. The first sense is a chilling one. The tongue shivered lightly. Before you could react, a lemony sourness was making the mouth watery. And there is a tinge of sweetness asking for more. You now unknowingly start moving it in the mouth. The soft cashew pulp is tempting you to push more. For the next few moments, you forget the world and get immersed in this bountiful that is not an ice cream, not a chocolate, not a fudge. Hell whatever. How does it matter. It is just godly! Savour it before it is gone.

Was this an imaginative fiction or reality? Of course it is the reality. You just have to close your eyes, forget the world, and taste it in silence with full awareness (the kind that J Krishnamurthy refers to, if you happened to listen to him, ever).

Here is the recipe for chilled cashew lemon tarts that can be eaten even by diabetics. We are not going to add sugar in this. We will not even use natural sweetener in excess.

If you are already overweight, not a problem. The healthy fats will let you be hungry only after a long time, so you will eat less of those high glycemic carbohydrate foods and, thus actually help you lose weight.

If you have teeth that don’t like sweet substances, still this should not be a problem, so long as they are okay with sour taste. As I said, we will not add too much sweetener.

And if your teeth can’t take very cold items, there’s a fix. Just take these out from freezer and leave it in refrigerator for an hour before you consume. Or even easier, don’t let your teeth bite into them. Let the tongue do the job!

So be ready to make some today, and enjoy your fantastic dessert. But don’t forget to share with family and friends.


Here are the ingredients needed. Keep them ready.

Cashews – 1/2 cup soaked + 1/2 cup dry

Dates Syrup or honey – 1/3 cup

Lemons – 3

Saffron – small pinch

Per-soak the saffron in about one teaspoon of water or any nut milk, for 5-10 ,minutes. Carefully remove the saffron stalks after you were able to extract its content into the water.

Drop the soaked cashews and the dry ones into a high speed blender. We use soaked ones to make the dish soft while include some dry ones to make it creamy.

Add the dates syrup (honey in my case)

Squeeze juice from the lemons into the blender, and also pour the saffron extract.

Start the blender moving from slow to high speed, and process until there is a flower formation.

Stop and pour the mixture into any moulds of your convenience. In my case, I used silicone moulds that are very convenient for easy removal since Food doesn’t stick to it.

Freeze for few hours. When ready, serve and enjoy!

These can be stored in freezer for several days.

You can eat them as dessert or any time you feel like, with zero guilt. We have added nothing but all good stuff in this. We have no artificial colours. No emulsifiers, or preservatives. Lemon is a very good immune booster. Cashews help you immensely from food cravings and do a ton of goodness. So feel free to enjoy. Just share with others too!

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