What are my top objectives to make Raw Food Videos

Some of you could be wondering, why I had been spending so much effort in making raw food recipes, which time I could better utilise to practice as a Chartered Accountant (Public Accountant) or something productive that helps make money. Some of you also know that I am not a rich person. I want to share my top FIVE reasons to making these videos.

  1. To help others also benefit from it just like I did, by switching to a natural food based diet. Raw Food Diet helps relieve many diseases – I have been greatly benefited and I wanted to share the knowledge with others. It cures many diseases, and certainly avoids many more potential ones, while nothing will ever guarantee that we will never ever get sick. In the past 2.5 yrs since I have been into this, I do not recollect getting sick, other than cold and few headaches occasionally. Additionally, something that I cannot explain in words is how emotionally and spiritually, I am happier since switching. We ARE what we EAT.
  2. To help understand that this food also tastes as good as cooked food. It’s just different. You can draw inspiration from what I make, and ether use the ones you like or make your own variations as you like.
  3. To tempt in a visual way for the switch that this food need not be a boring vegetable salad or eating a fruit directly. One can make nearly all kinds of dishes just like the cooked ones. Be it coffee, noodles, chocolates, burfi sweet or ice creams or poha. So I present different kind of foods one can make.
  4. To make you appreciate by directly watching me make, that this must be easy to make than one would’ve imagined from my pictures on social media. Seeing is believing. No matter to what extent I explain in words or scribble on the FaceBook, it is only when you see me making, will you realise that you can also make it.
  5. To show with numbers clearly that living on natural food does not mean it is an expensive way of having a daily food rich with nuts and dry fruits. While some ingredients are expensive as they may appear when I make, I also mention many of these recipes are made to be stored for some time to consume. So you are not consuming all at one meal. A carbohydrate rich food that needs a kilogram to be consumed in a day to get you going all day could cost the same or more than 100 grams of fat rich dry fruits and nuts. So essentially you are not spending more. And this is not considering the HUGE amount of saving from medical expenses. If we were diagnosed with hypertension or high cholesterol or heart ailment and advised to take pills that cost a lot for a lifetime, we don’t seem to consider that saving when you get healthy just by changing your diet.

Those are the top reasons why I am doing these videos to help you and others benefit from my learning so you can reduce and avoid some suffering for you and your family.

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