A Walk that Confirmed today, What I Suspected for long

. . . . And then the Eureka moment! You know we take a certain duration and call it a second. I always wondered . . . . . To explain the concept fully, it is possible to have the same experience . . .

Usually, I take a route that is relatively straight and makes me have one long walk of 10 kilometres. For no particular reason, I took a different one today. I walked about the same distance as I would normally. I had passed through some areas that made me repent my decision to take this different one today. And when I got over those, I was glad that it was over, and happy to be on a section that I wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed.

I had passed through some very pleasant sections that pushed my spirits high. Please note that this was an early morning walk and of course the weather was very encouraging. I had passed through sections where I had to climb up a little or do a cat walk at some. I had to make sure I jumped over some puddles. And noticing this particular route I had originally planned would not even cover 5 kilometres, I rerouted myself to make it longer. And up further, I would notice, I would still fall short of my usual, and reroute further to make it longer.

Passing through some sections I would notice there were some new shops and establishments that had sprung up, while I would still be surprised that the old Sheeshmahal from my Plus-Two days is still in operation (although I suspect if the theatre was actually showing permissible movies based on the movie titles I read and the posters I saw). I noticed the ever tempting breakfast vendors by the roadside selling idlies and dosas. And some poori too.

While I don’t want to narrate all that I saw and bore you, I wanted to highlight a wide variety of visuals (and some sensual of breakfast dishes’ smell) that I got today. By the time I returned home, despite my rerouting so many times, I still fell short of one kilometer, having walked only nine today. It already felt exhausting. I felt as if I had walked for quite some duration today although the walking speed was the same as it had always been.

And then the Eureka moment! You know we take a certain duration and call it a second. I always wondered if it would be so for short lived animals such as birds or insects or an even better extreme example of short lived bacteria. My today’s walk gave me a confirmation that it wouldn’t. A mosquito would have a whole life (of experience) in just a day or two ( I believe that’s how long they live). My dog would have the experience of me of hundred years, in just fifteen.

To explain the concept fully, it is possible to have the same experience for different lengths of time. Or put it conversely, which is the essence of this blog, one can get a wider experience and thereby a fuller life by living differently within the same hundred years of life we may have. Every five days in a week, if we do the same routine of going to office and working (whether as an employee or as a businessman), we are actually experiencing only one day. Every weekend if we do the same thing, and keep repeating these two of working days and weekends for several months and years, then we are not experiencing FULLY the period we had actually EXPENSED!!

My today’s walk confirmed to me that having a different experience of visuals, of sensations, of expectations and disappointments, of enjoyments, allowed me to live in the moment!

Taught me that we all need to stop chasing this mad rush behind materialism at the expense of most precious and scarce resource, TIME. We got to live in the moment. Which means we need to look for a balance in life with EVERYTHING having its place (called ‘time’).

My two cents. Thoughts?

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