Man Proposes, God Disposes

This was a couple of days back when I did a 200 kms ride to test out my ability to do long rides before I embarked on this 800 kms round-trip I was planning to do. It also confirmed my belief that my 100-130 kmph ride would have only a 50+ kmph average, so needed to so plan my long ride. Not having done any long rides for over 2 or 3 years, thanks to the COVID situation, I wanted to make sure I was physically fit to take up this social visit for a wedding in family that was that far away. Kinda a double-shot for me to have the pleasure of long drive on my enchanting motorcycle 🙂 .

I was so excited about the journey, I completed my full fledged packing two days ahead of the trip! And yesterday I got air in tires checked, filled the petrol tank to brink, got the bike professionally washed to look sparkling clean, lubed the chain, and spent a good half hour or so figuring out and finalising the design to fit my small luggage on both sides of the bike that ensures my safety, and confirms to good bike handling (additional weight has to be low set). I knew this summer is very hot, and it is not a good idea to ride in the middle of the day, when sun’s rays are most harmful even if it was not difficult for me personally to bear the heat. So the idea was to start early, very early at about 4 am so I could reach destination latest by noon or a little over.

Set my alarm for 3 am, put my bike dress and all in the balcony to allow them to get refreshed under the cool air of night, while I sleep. Had my luggage and all the items I would carry, to one corner. Had some refreshing late evening bath, and laid down my Murphy bed to retire early so I get some decent sleep from 8 pm.

Now! If only everything went as planned, it wouldn’t be life, right? I received a call from my elder brother who was at the destination already to attend the marriage. And he tells me the omens were not good, with my sister-in-law having had a bad injury by tripping over a tent rope, a flat tire for the private bus that was to carry them to the nearby pilgrim town where the wedding was to happen and so. He strongly advised me to drop the plan to attend the wedding; and surely not by motorcycle in any case. I wasn’t ready to do burn the fossil fuel with a large car just to take one person (myself) to the wedding.

Hmmm. It is what it is. I thought I should give some respect to my elder, and drop the bike ride. I said to myself, “I myself had a bad day today; perhaps things aren’t going right for me”. Yesterday the maps on my phone faltered twice, both while going and returning from an another city wedding I had to go. I missed my attendance at the auspicious time, spent a lot of time returning home, with several rallies on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti festival. It was a hot day, and despite being in an air-conditioned car, it was an uneasy day. Further, when I went to pick up a bike seat cover from a friend all the way, only to know that his son had just taken his bike out with the seat cover! I had to wait for some time before I could take that and return. And as it would have, I didn’t like the seat cover for safety reasons, and decided not to use anyway. What a wasted-time, when I was already tired.

So all-in-all, it was a bad day for me as well. And I thought I better listen to my elder and not do the long ride even it that meant a lot of disappointment.

From an English movie I saw long back, I understood, and actually realised myself that several signs appear before something major happens for the bad or good. If we pay attention, we can notice these. So I said, “Man Proposes, God Disposes”. But hey, everything happens for the good, even if we didn’t so perceive then. Maybe I would do a long drive in future for a better purpose and more enjoyment. Who knows! Keep Watching…..and Waiting!!

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