Almonds, as Raw Food Ingredient

Almonds are quite fat rich, protein rich and otherwise as well a very nutrition rich nut. The high fat, actually make it an excellent ingredient for those into raw food diet, including those who are wanting to lose weight. Some of the amazing and ‘actually perceivable’ benefits include:

  1. Providing sustained energy for long period
  2. Keeps hinger at bay and thereby avoid binge eating or excess carbohydrates in food. As such it could help lose weight as well.
  3. The small size makes it easy to carry anywhere by itself or as part of some recipes
  4. Improves memory
  5. Offers a myriad of nutrients in large proportions of daily requirement for body including magnesium, manganese, Vitamin E, fibre, and lot of protein too.

How almonds can be included in raw food, and its peculiarities that make it an excellent ingredient is what I present further. Continue reading.

Just by Itself

Almonds can be eaten just by themselves raw, or after soaking them overnight. All the nutrition is yours. I eat them raw and have no issues, but some people complain of bloat in stomach due to high protein. Such people benefit by soaking them and eating them with or without peeling off the skin which comes off easily on soaking. Sure, soaking I think does change some of its properties such as not being oily anymore or retaining the typical almond flavour. But nevertheless it still is an excellent nut to consume. Because they are so small in size, it is easy to carry them in a small pouch or tiny box. I carry them along with some dates when I go for longer ride cycling such as for 100 kms, or if I am out for a long day even by car.


Almond milk can be made very easily by soaking overnight and washing next day thoroughly and then adding 4 times water by volume, blending in high speed blender and filtering through a sieve. The milk is pure white and looks like dairy milk The smell is amazing and very very very tempering. This can be consumed by itself, or using some of it when making smoothies, or to make several milk shakes such as by adding cocoa or cacao powder, carob powder etc.


The pulp after extracting the milk ir without even this, we can make cookies by processing some almonds, flax seeds, some water and few other ingredients you may desire for flavouring, and dehydrating these for 24 hours. They make excellent cookies that your guest will enjoy too.

Energy Balls

Being such a nutritious nut, it makes very healthy energy balls, by chopping these into small pieces, adding several other flavour fill dry fruits such as dried cranberries, blue berries, black berries, raisins (regular or black), etc. You can also include some desiccated coconut powder for more nutrition and fill. All these are to be processed briefly in a food processor along with some dates which works as binding agent. You then make them into balls by hand. They stay at room temperature not needing any refrigeration for several weeks. They make an excellent evening snack or a travel companion meal as well.

A variation to this is when you over process the almonds first in a high speed blender or food processor, until about they just started oozing out oil from the almonds. You stop at this time, add some unsweetened cocoa powder, and soft dates and process briefly. You can make them in balls by hand or press them into silicon moulds into various shapes and store them in air tight container. Although the main ingredient is same, the flavour and experience of eating this is different from the energy balls made from chopped almonds as above.

Ice Creams

When you are looking to make some quick ice cream, you could process almonds first until they are about ooze oil, and at that time add some some frozen bananas, some liquid sweetener as agave or maple syrup, and briefly process again. I prefer a high speed blender for this for ease. The ice cream will have a strong almond flavour and so does not need any more additions for aroma.


Almonds can be used as garnish by slicing them thin or chopped into about four pieces each. They make excellent garnish for ice creams, raw soups, fruit salads etc. In addition to giving the pleasure of that bite in the mouth, the garnish also helps bring in lot of nutrition to your starving body.

Give it a Try

There are a myriad ways in which almonds can be used in raw food. I provided few example above, bring out the peculiarities of this ingredient so you get a grasp of the ways of using them. One can make almond flavour cakes as well. Get creative! Making own recipes with your own hands, will guarantee a lot of self love included when you consume food. Your food becomes a stronger, healthier food, just by ensuring that self love alone. Make your own food rather than buy from market. Good-luck!

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