If Only I Could Write, It Would Be Something Like … (Narrator: Nero)

What a fantastic day-out I had today! So great, that I could honestly say, it was among my best in the entire life!

If I could write, I would’ve probably started off by introducing myself. Although I am a very popular personality through my all day and all night barking at home, if you are not from my vicinity, you wouldn’t know me. I belong to that great animal cadre that is world renowned for faithfulness. No one comes close. Humans call the cadre as dogs! Dogs! Is that a demeaning name? Shouldn’t it be graceful and respecting? 

I don’t know my Owner-Man’s name. Frankly, I don’t even care. But I do know my beloved Owner-Mom’s name as Komala, for that’s how my Owner-Man calls her all-the-time.

Into the Unknown 

My Owner-Man took me out for a fantastic day-out today. It surely is among the best I had. He took me quite far in the car. There were so many bumps and ditches on the way. He made sure I had least impact, at least that’s how it appeared, based on how his driving was compared to the rest on the road. And then we kinda went OUT of the city. He took this weird turn, and I could see there is sparsely any human civilization. Just plain trees and bumpy roads (as everywhere in the city). It not being hot summer now, thankfully the air-conditioning in the car was fine. I didn’t have to pant heavily to keep my body cool.

Wonderful Suburban Villa

He allowed me to get down from the car eventually. And he takes me into a house I had never seen. After a brief while, he even dared to take me off the leash. Seems like he gets over confident sometimes! Well rightfully in this case though! Unlike where I stay now with only a balcony, this house has land all around the house. It was nice to smell all around and recognize some while understand few others. Then we went up the house as well. In the stairs, it seemed like another dog might have been there already before me. Maybe a bitch actually, to think of. 

The terrace was awesome. High up with my front feet on the parapet wall, I was able to see far and near. Just like Simba, in the Lion King movie! It was lush green everywhere. And I could peep through the railing to see everything on the street down. Literally everything! I was so high up above everything. Ain’t seen anything like this earlier. What a view! Amy intruder can be easily spotted from far. All in all this is a beautiful large house. It felt very relaxing. Even though this is a completely alien place for me, I wasn’t tense. It was so relaxing that I let my tail hang loose. 

I made sure that I peed on the external bathroom wall before I exited the house. I had to announce I had been here and this place is mine. Humans may have complicated means as registrations and what not to confirm a place or thing belongs to them. For us, it is very easy and immediate. Just pee and announce! No more dogs dare come here anymore. I never knew at this time, that this was going to be my future home. My Owner-Man never told me in a language I would understand.

Walking Area  

And then he took me by car to another beautiful place, just a minute or two away. There was so much grass and wild plants and trees. All kinds of aroma filled the place. New bird chirping that is unknown to me. I even snipped at some leaves. The weather was so pleasant. My owner even took me off the leash and allowed me to roam like anything. But since the place is new, and there were all these weird sounds sometimes, I made sure I am not far from him. It’s nice to have a security guard around in unknown place. Just in case! Normally I would run and try to escape from his clutches during our daily walks. But not this time. I don’t want to take any chances! We walked and walked and walked. Boy! What an awesome place for walks. 

Return Even More Exciting

And we were out (I mean in) into the car again. This time, I was made more comfortable. It had never been this comfortable anytime in the car so far. The rear seat back was folded and the shelf to hold napkins and stuff was put on top of this folded seat. This made the already large trunk even spacious and my front feet elevated. I happily hopped on into the trunk. Now I don’t have stand sideways. I was able to stand straight and have a beautiful view of the road ahead right through the front windshield. Guess what? Whenever there was a lovely bitch on our way, I could even turn my face to side and watch her go, through the window as well. I made sure I growled every time I saw another (male) dog. When I am on the road, I don’t like to see dogs. Get away and Get lost. Only bitches are allowed on my way. 

The return was very long, it being a peak hour. But I didn’t mind at all. I had a beautiful view of the setting sun. And then there was rain all around yet not a drop on me! Can’t you see how happy I am on my return? Every time the car decelerated and/or braked, the feeling was amazing. The sudden gush of blood into my front feet unplanned was amazing. It was just like the feeling I would get in my feet, when I am about to run. And this comes in bursts here without notice. I could watch the heavy traffic, pedestrians, the buildings, the trees and the chai wallahs. Wow, everything new. 

Short (mis)Adventures 

My Owner-Man applied sudden brakes a few times that made me fall. Thanks to the carpet in the trunk, I didn’t get hurt. But why doesn’t he know that even at 15 kmph, I could fall with sudden brakes? I have four feet and a third of human’s height. But that doesn’t guarantee I am stable at all times (It is always a puzzle how humans so tall can stand on just two feet without falling). Citizens need to learn how to drive on the roads so my owner doesn’t have to apply sudden brakes. 

There was so much to absorb when a car takes me so fast on the roads. With the window glass panes closed, God, I can’t even smell anything different. How am I supposed to absorb things on our path so fast? 


The Day-Out was surely excellent and memorable. My ‘only’ grope is that my Owner-Man didn’t take me out for our usual walk after we reached home, even if we had long long walks before we reached home!

Alas! If only I could write all this and share my thoughts. I am a dog. I can be faithful, but not with literary skills. 

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