About me and this Blog . . .

I am transitioning myself these times from a young man into an old. Or shall we say, matured? As such, I have varied interests developed over times . . . . that I want to pursue all. For example from my very early days of youth, a developed deep passion of photography. I can’t stop photographing. A camera in my hand, and I can spend hours if not days non-stop and without getting bored. If I had published 25 articles on photography in the news daily, The Hindu, I could do much more through blogs or sharing my knowledge with new aspirants.

And there was a time, I wanted to contribute my small bit to environment, and got into the desire of cycling to work. It later transformed into a very joyful activity. It’s quite a meditating activity for me. I feel very peaceful, not so much of being tired after a 50 km ride. I want to devote hours and hours of time towards cycling, every day. And now the pressure is even more now towards maintaining good health and stamina.

Just ignited in a small way by my elder son, Sreemukh, I started reading and viewing (on YouTube) of motorcycles ending up with me buying a 535 cc Cafe Racer, the Continental GT motorcycle, relegating my good old 1962 Bullet motorcycle to my son! This interest developed into a pleasure activity substantially. I want to do long motorbike rides. Have done some by few hundreds of kilometers, but want to do more. Much more. Want to ride up to the Himalayas. Up to Nepal, Tibet and what not! If only I had the pleasure of availing more leave from my office. How I wish, want to do even a world travel. But I know, that ain’t going to be in this life, at least.

And having seen ‘some’ bit of life so far, it ain’t surprising that I’ve starting drifting towards philosophy. I have come to realize life is very short, and I need to make use every bit of it. During my CA final preparation, I said to myself this damn preparation is so tough that I need to put in so much effort, that I don’t want to do this all over again if I fail. I pushed myself harder and harder so I didn’t have to write those examinations one more time (it paid off with me passing both groups together). I have started feeling the same way now. Life is so hard that I don’t want this repeated tens of thousands of times. I should rather push myself as hard as possible in this life, in this ‘rest of life’, that it helps cut down at least few re-births. Life is hard!

And that is a problem! I just find it impossible to pursue all of those. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough time available to be able achieve ‘something’ in each of these. But I am unwilling to give up  any of these. Or shall I say, I need to learn to use my maturity to utilize my time effectively towards all of these? Anyways, that is part of my current struggle and joy too!

You can find my photographic ventures supplemented by some write up here. You can find several of my posts on other topics of travel, cycling, motorcycling, philosophy, spirituality, and general posts in this very blog. Happy reading. Would be keen to know your feedback on what you read, by comments in the blog if you can.

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